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Pickup Truck Owner-Operators *OTR Transport Driver Jobs*

New Autri Drivers Eligible for
$1,500 Sign-On Bonus!

Autri, Inc. has immediate, steady work for owner-operator pickup truck drivers. Earn maximum profits as an Over The Road (OTR) owner-operator with Autri’s winning formula of highly competitive per-loaded-mile USA rates (fuel adjustment included) and industry-high (50% on average) rate of back-to-back towing contracts to keep you on the road earning money. Fewer unloaded miles = lower fuel costs = higher profits for you! We seek drivers based in America’s North, South, East, Central and Midwest regions.


$1,500 Sign-on Bonus Program

We hire careful, safety-conscious Tow-A-Way drivers and reward them with a $1,500 sign-on bonus paid upon completion of 35,000 loaded miles in six months or less with no accidents, no moving violation tickets and no failed DOT inspections or DOT fines.

Autri has a similar bonus program for current Autri Drivers. It pays $500 upon the completion of every 35,000 loaded miles in six months or less with no accidents, no moving violation tickets and no failed DOT inspections or DOT fines. You will be eligible to participate in this program as well after you earn the $1,500 new driver sign on bonus (even If you do not earn the sign-on bonus, you still participate in the $500 bonus program).

Example 1: You log 35,000 miles in your first three months with no accidents and no failed DOT inspections or fines. You have earned the $1,500 new driver bonus. On your next load, you start fresh with zero miles and start accumulating miles in the “current Autri drivers” $500 bonus program.

Example 2: You log 20,000 miles in your first four months, but then have an at-fault accident, or fail a DOT inspection, and/or are fined by DOT. You are no longer eligible for the $1,500 sign-on bonus, or any part of it. However, on your next load, you start fresh with zero miles and start accumulating miles in the “current Autri drivers” $500 bonus program.

Below are details on driver and truck requirements, driver responsibilities, compensation, and how to apply to Autri, Inc., America's friendliest, fastest-growing towables transport company!

Minimum Requirements

  • Ability to safely and skillfully drive a pickup towing a loaded trailer
  • Minimum 2 years Over-the-Road (OTR) experience across several states (verifiable)
  • Age 25+, no speeding tickets in past 3 years, no DUI in past 10 years
  • ¾ ton or larger (diesel recommended) pickup truck (no vans) — must be owned, not leased
  • Pickups with 6-foot beds must have slider type 5th-wheel hitch
  • Obtain commercial towing license plate (26,000 pounds limit for truck plus trailer & cargo)
  • Truck must be safe, reliable and presentable
  • Our drivers are willing to be on the road for two weeks at a time minimum,
    with the potential for longer OTR stretches (four loaded trips a month minimum)

Note to "newbie" candidates — those who haven't previously
worked as commercial transport drivers

As a safe driver with excellent towing skills and a qualifying pickup truck, you can earn good income and enjoy great freedom as an owner-operator. The information below will educate and guide you in the steps required to become an independent contractor driver with Autri, Inc. You will likely have questions, and we are eager to help you. Before you know it, you'll be earning as you travel, as an Autri Over-the-Road driver!

Travel and Earn Income Immediately

Autri transport drivers tow loads originating from our yard in Goshen, Indiana, occasional backhauls (paid inbound trips back to the yard) and reloads originating nearest to the driver’s last drop-off location (50% reload average). When you decide you want to finish up a particular over-the-road stretch (take a rest period), Autri will honor that (no forced dispatch), and then contact you subsequently to offer you additional transports originating as close to your home, or other current location, as become available.

STRONG Reload Department

Our SUPERIOR reload department schedules back-to-back towing contracts to keep you on the road earning money. After you complete towing one load, another load will be waiting for you 50% of the time on average.  Autri’s success as a transport company enables us to offer our drivers a superior (50% on average) reload rate.

It is our goal to minimize dead miles and downtime, but we do not guarantee any loads. Autri provides its drivers with reloads that are as close as possible to the drop-off location of the previous load. Best case might be in the same city. Much more frequently, it will require traveling unloaded (no-pay) miles through part of, or through, one or more states, to arrive at the next reload pickup location. It is always driver’s prerogative to accept or decline an offered load.


Excellent Compensation

Autri pays drivers competitive, per-mile rates on loaded miles. For current rates, please call Driver Recruiter Deb Shep at 352-562-8395 9 am to 9 pm, Eastern time only, Mon - Fri.

Required Certificates and Exams

·         DOT Vehicle Inspection

·         DOT Physical

·         DOT Medical Certificate

·         5 Panel Pre-Employment Drug Screen

·         Social Security Card

·         Drivers License

·         Vehicle Registration

·         TWIC card is a plus (optional)

·         Passport (optional - but required for Canadian loads)


Required Non-Trucking Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy

This is a policy purchased and paid for by driver to provide insurance coverage for damages to driver’s truck under all circumstances, whether loaded or unloaded, and liability for personal injury / property damage to other parties when driver’s truck is not loaded. Autri, Inc. provides insurance coverage for customer cargo and non-customer personal injury / property damage, only on loaded miles. On Autri policy, there is a deductible for which driver may be responsible if he/she causes an accident. See details below under “Fund an Escrow Account to Pay for Driver Damages to Cargo”


Equipment Requirements

·         Cell Phone

·         Digital Camera

·         Electric brakes control

·         Electric brake - break away battery 

·         Bumper Plug 

·         1-1/2”, 2" and 2-5/16" ball hitches 

·         Emergency Triangle Kit 

·         Mounted Fire Extinguisher

·         Lug Wrench

·         Pintlehook

·         4 Tie Down Straps

·         Extra Fuses

·         Zip Ties

·         Light Bars with 50 feet of wiring, or wireless light bars

·         Oversized Signs and Flags

·         Tool Kit

·         Class 3 Receiver - Rated 10,000 pounds

·         5th Wheel - at least 15,000 pounds.

·         Pickups with 6-foot beds must have slider type 5th wheel hitch

·         No pickup beds longer than 8 feet

·         If you have a fuel tank or tool box in the bed of your truck it cannot extend over the bed of your truck

·         Gooseneck Hitch

·         Full Length Mud Flaps

·         Extended Mirrors - up to 102 inches

·         Distribution Bar - 1,000 pound load

·         Credit Card - for your truck repairs

·         Log Books (of your choice, can be purchased at a truck stop) 


Driver Responsibilities

Running Authorities

Once you sign on as driver for Autri, Inc. you must use Autri’s running authorities. You cannot transport for anyone else, and you cannot also have your own running authority.


Cargo / Trailer Inspections

It is driver’s responsibility to inspect trailers and cargo, and take photographs of any existing damage(s), and describe said damage(s) in writing on Bill of Lading prior to hitching any load to driver’s truck. In addition to close-up photo(s) of damage(s) driver must take one or more overview photographs to identify the cargo, the damage, and a background landmark that shows pickup location, i.e. street corner signs, front of home or business, etc., to provide evidence that damages were present at time of pickup. Driver must also verify safe mechanical condition of trailer, and roadworthy condition of all tires, as well as even loading of cargo, prior to hitching load.


Logbooks And Scales

Driver must use logbooks and stop at all scales.


Fund an Escrow Account to Pay for any Driver Damages to Cargo

When you first start driving for Autri, Inc., 10% of your payment on every load will be deducted and placed in an escrow account until your escrow fund reaches $1,500.

Your escrow funds are used to pay for “under-the-deductible” damages to customer cargo and / or trailers, or third-party personal injury or property damages, only in the event of an accident for which you as an Autri driver are responsible. The deductible in Autri’s cargo insurance policy is currently $2,500.  Here are examples of how your escrow funds are used and maintained, and how responsibility for damages may be determined.

Example 1: As an Autri driver, you accidentally back your hitched load into a parked vehicle, and cause $1200 of damage to customer’s cargo,  trailer and the parked vehicle. The responsibility is clearly yours, and the $1,200 damage is paid from your fully funded ($1,500) escrow fund. Autri will begin deducting 10% of your payment on subsequent loads until your escrow fund again reaches $1,500.

Example 2: You are traveling unloaded miles, on your way to pick up a new load, and are involved in an accident with damage to a parked vehicle and your own truck. Damages to your truck and parked vehicle  are your responsibility through your personal non-trucking commercial vehicle Insurance policy (Under no circumstances is Autri, Inc. responsible for damages to your truck).

Example 3: Damages in excess of escrow fund. There is an accident in which you are at fault, and there is damage to customer cargo of $3,000. Your $1,500 in escrow goes toward the damages, another $1,000 is paid initially by Autri, Inc., and the remaining $500 is paid for by Autri’s cargo insurance company. Autri will begin deducting 10% of your payment on subsequent loads until your escrow fund reaches $1,500 once again. The 10% deductions continue until you have also reimbursed the $1,000 toward damages that was initially paid by Autri.

Example 4: There is an accident with damage to customer cargo, and it is not clear who is responsible, or there is disagreement about who is responsible. In such cases, responsibility is determined by law authorities and cargo insurance investigators, and Autri, Inc. and driver abide by their decision.

If you stop driving for Autri, Inc., escrow funds will be returned to you entirely 30 days after you turn in your logbooks to Autri, return tags and any other Autri property issued to you, and it is established that there are no active claims on your escrow.

How To Apply

To apply, start by contacting Autri, Inc. by filling out the short form below with your contact information and the type of truck you have, and Driver Recruiter Debbie Shepard will call you as soon as she can.

You can also call Debbie directly at 352-562-8395 9 am to 9 pm, Eastern time only, Monday through Friday (No weekend or after hours calls please). Debbie will answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the application process.

The Application Steps

1.      We confirm that your vehicle is suitable for commercial towing work

2.      We submit your driving record details to Autri's insurance carrier for approval

3.      Upon approval of application steps1 & 2 above, we email you an application package

4.      You return the completed Previous Employment Form to our Driver Recruiter

5.      When your first dispatched load is scheduled, you will drive your truck to Autri's corporate offices in Albany, Indiana, for final review of your application paperwork and a Road and Equipment Test. There is a one-time charge of $60 to cover application fees, MVR signs, and the Road and Equipment Test. This fee can be drawn from the escrow deduction on your first dispatched load, if you wish. For example, if you earn $900 on your first load, $90 will be deducted for escrow, and the $60 will be paid from the $90 in your escrow account, and $30 will remain in your escrow account after your first load.

6.      Upon successful completion of steps 4 and 5 above, in most cases, you will drive 125 miles to Autri's yard in Goshen, Indiana, to hitch up your first dispatched load! Sometimes, you will be directed to another location to pick up your first load.


We wish you the very best in the application process, and look forward to meeting you. To get started, contact Driver Recruiter Debbie Shepard today!


We're eager to have you join the Autri family of independent transport drivers, and get you on the road earning money and enjoying the sights and your travel experiences as you help families by transporting their boats, RVs and cargo. All text © Copyright 2012 Autri, Inc.


"you must own or have use of qualifying truck to apply"

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